Jun 6, 2013

Opportunities are still available on Summer Jobs+

Are you still looking for an internship or a summer job?  Did all those well-intentioned summer plans fall through at the very last minute?

If so,  ”Summer Jobs+,” a web tool devised by the U.S. Department of Labor, might offer a solution or point you in the direction of a employers still looking for a little help this summer.

Aware that teenagers often have difficulty making connections with employers, the Bank of America, Dunkin’ Brands, AT&T, Gap Inc. and an amazing number of big name employers joined with DOL to sponsor the Summer Jobs+  interactive job bank.

And it’s easy to use. Positions are found by accessing the Summer Jobs search tool and entering keywords and/or location.  Additional broader job opportunities may be found on the Resources page, which takes you to employers, online training opportunities, and some miscellaneous job- or career-related websites.

Note that jobs go quickly, and you may have to check back frequently to get the jump on new listings. It's all a little "hit or miss."

It’s no secret that networking through personal contacts is probably the best way to find a summer job, especially for high school students. But if you’ve exhausted your immediate network, try the Summer Jobs+ Bank.  And get your resume ready!

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