Jun 8, 2013

Liberty University celebrates a Milestone

Liberty University

Located on a sprawling campus in central Virginia, Liberty University recently announced that total enrollment now surpasses 100,000 students, extending its lead as the nation’s largest private nonprofit educational institution and the world’s largest Christian university.

Recent enrollment data also shows Liberty University Online has risen to No. 5 among the nation’s online educators—moving up two slots from just a year ago by growing 23 percent to 90,000 online students.

And Liberty recently celebrated its largest graduating class to-date, with more than 15,000 graduates—80 percent of whom studied online. 

By getting a jump on big names in the online market for college coursework, Liberty has transformed itself from a rural Bible college to a financial powerhouse. 

And benefiting from an astonishing flow of tuition dollars as well as significant donations including property and buildings, Liberty’s net worth now exceeds $1 billion and equals that of much older and more established schools like Georgetown and Tulane.

While the university continues to grow online, so does its residential campus, which features glitzy new high-rises, year-round ski facilities, indoor soccer fields, and a recently renovated stadium with sky boxes. 

Yet Liberty makes a point of staying true to its core values and mission. According to University President Jerry Falwell, Jr., Liberty’s goal is “to become the first school in the country to achieve academic and athletic prominence, but also to stay true to our Christian roots for generations to come.”

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