Jun 21, 2013

Catholic Colleges produce better Completion Rates

Providence College
According to a report released last week by the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, students enrolled at Roman Catholic colleges are more likely to receive degrees within four years than their peers at public, private, or for-profit institutions. 

The report, “Bachelor’s Degree Attainment:  Catholic Colleges and Universities Lead the Way,” found higher four-, five- and six-year graduation rates for all entering students at Catholic colleges than the national average across all sectors of higher education.

In addition, students who begin at Catholic institutions tend to stay enrolled in their initial institution and consequently reap the benefits of more rapid degree completion.

And this means reduced costs associated with college expenses, as well as earlier entry into the job market—a win-win for the folks paying the bills.

For the record, the following is a list of Catholic colleges with the highest four-year graduation rates (Source:  US News):

  • Georgetown University (90%)
  • University of Notre Dame (90%)
  • College of the Holy Cross (89%)
  • Villanova University (88%)
  • Boston College (87%)
  • Providence College (81%)
  • Fairfield University (79%)
  • Loyola University Maryland (79%)
  • Stonehill College (78%)
  • Santa Clara University (77%)

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