Feb 14, 2013

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Those Who Matter

It’s a tough time of year for most high school seniors.  Applications are in, and everything seems to be going in slow motion as colleges decide your fate for the next four years. 

And when you’re not stressing over decisions, the march up to graduation and the inevitability of endings creeps into your thoughts. The next few months are going to be huge as you say goodbye to high school and look forward to college.

The best way to take a temporary break from February doldrums is to remember everyone who made your high school experience special and are supporting your transition to the next chapter. 

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day with folks who matter most:
  • Teachers.  After four years of high school, you have a long list of teachers who have supported you in the classroom and pointed you in the direction of academic achievement.  Bake some cupcakes or brownies and leave them in the teachers’ lounge with a handwritten thank you note addressed to the faculty at-large.

  • Guidance.  Remember that the college application process was a team effort, with your guidance counselor playing one of the most important roles by writing recommendations and pushing your candidacy forward.  Be sure to thank your counselor in person.  Chocolates and/or a gift card are always appreciated.

  • Administration.  There are a zillion behind-the-scenes school personnel many of whom you may not know but without whom the school couldn’t run.  Secretaries, transcript clerks, and even the school nurse have contributed significantly to your high school experience.  Bring flowers and leave them in the front office with a note expressing appreciation for all they do on a daily basis.

  • Community.  They may not be immediately visible, but members of the community have always been there for you.  Honor their contributions to your growth and success by remembering those who serve others.  Organize a group of friends to make valentines for veterans, cook valentines dinner for the firehouse, or drop off baked goods at the local police department.

  • Family and Friends.  Where would you be without them?  No one contributes more to your success than those who love you most.  Take a moment to tell them how much you value them—with your whole heart.  Or show them with a random act of kindness and a hug.   

Make Valentine’s Day special by keeping in mind the true meaning of caring.

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