Nov 12, 2012

More Ways Student Volunteers Can Support Our Veterans

Amherst College War Memorial

On Veterans Day, our nation honors the brave men and women who served our country and risked their lives to guarantee our freedoms.

In addition to thousands of active military and their families living in every corner of the country, there are almost 23 million vets in need of assistance, support, and simple friendship.

High school students can acknowledge the sacrifices made by our military by getting involved. You can volunteer for an organization serving veterans and/or military families, or you can initiate a project within your immediate community.

Your contribution can be as simple as taking time to meet regularly with an elderly veteran or as complex as initiating a holiday gift drive for families living on your local military base. Often the most valuable service you can provide is just being there and listening.

This Veterans Day, take a moment to reflect on the meaning of service.

Here are some ways student volunteers can help:

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