Nov 16, 2012

6,600 Early Applicants receive Good News from the University of Georgia

University of Georgia

Going one better than the University of Virginia, which is still finalizing their count of early applications, the University of Georgia (UGA) announced that later today admissions decisions will be released for more than 11,000 early action first-year applicants. 

At about 4:00 pm EST, students will learn their decisions by logging into an online application status check.  Students with completed applications (all supporting materials) will receive one of 3 possible decisions today:  admit, defer, or deny.

According to a press release, UGA received a record 11,300 early action (EA) applications.  As is usually the case, the EA pool is academically strong, boasting of an average GPA of almost 3.8, mean SAT scores of 1286 (with a mean writing score of 620), and an average ACT of 29.

Approximately 58 percent of UGA’s EA applicants will be offered admission.  The 6,600 admitted students have an average GPA of almost 4.0, a mean SAT of 1355, or an ACT of 30, and have enrolled in an average of seven Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate classes.  Many have also enrolled in college courses.

Although the early application option is very popular, UGA wants to remind students that they are continuing to receive regular decision applications through January 15, 2013.  Students deferred from the early pool of applicants are encouraged to submit Part II of the application, and if they wish, mid-year senior grades and additional standardized test scores prior to deadline.

This year, UGA expects to receive in the range of 20,000 applications.

Students admitted through the early action option are not bound to accept the offer and may consider other colleges until the national reply date of May 1, 2013.

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