Apr 1, 2012

April Fools Came a Day (or Two) Early on Campus

With April Fools’ Day falling on a Sunday, some college newspapers were forced to fall back on March 30th spoof editions or find other ways to prank the campus community.

The College of William & Mary led the way locally by replacing an iconic image of Lord Botetourt’s bronze statue, with the likeness of Lord [President] Reveley on the front page of the college website. Look fast. It will be gone tomorrow!

The Guilford College Guilfordian is reporting the existence of a secret faculty fight club discovered in the woods. Students are outraged and one commented, “It kind of takes the irony out of the fact that our mascot is a fighting Quaker.”

At the University of Alabama, The Crimson White announced that the president’s mansion will be converted to a sorority house. It’s part of the University’s plan to “…give greek students, who constitute roughly 30 percent of the campus, more influence at the University.”

Further west, the Nebraska’s Daily World-Herald reports approval for the enrollment of bedbugs as a “necessary step with Nebraska high school graduation rates declining since 2009.” University administrators came out in support of the initiative, which “takes advantage of the 188 rooms confirmed to have housed bedbugs earlier in the semester.

In honor of the holiday, the Allegheny Campus was renamed The Compost. The lead article reports that the college has awarded Barack Obama with the first Presidential Excellence Prize of his presidency. In his acceptance speech, the president accidentally referred to Allegheny as Oberlin College.

The April Fools’ edition (starting on page 9) of the University of Wisconsin Daily Cardinal reports that global warming will provide benefits to the state of Wisconsin by improving property values along the west side of the state with “an ocean view versus a Lake Michigan view,” as sea levels are rising much higher than originally expected.

Profane, mean, and sometimes a little libelous, campus satire evidently isn’t quite dead yet.

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