Nov 1, 2011

Storm pushes Colleges to Extend Early Deadlines

In the aftermath of damage caused by the recent snow storm, colleges across the country are extending deadlines for early admission applications originally due on November 1st.

Locally, the University of Maryland, Roanoke College, and McDaniel College have extensions posted on a list being generated on the National Association of College Admission (NACAC) website.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Emory have also granted extensions due to the severe weather.

MIT issued an emergency application notice on its website, along with an interesting description of the force and magnitude of the storm. And on its website, Harvard issued a notice asking affected students to notify admissions if they will need an extension.

While colleges are being a little slow to acknowledge the severity of the situation in some areas, most will no doubt show leniency to those affected by internet and electrical problems. To be safe, check with individual schools as soon as you are able to determine both the terms and length of any extension granted.

Applicants outside of affected areas should not assume the extensions apply to them!

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