Nov 23, 2011

15 Reasons College Freshmen Look Forward to Coming Home for Thanksgiving

Many of the same high school students who were stressing over essays and application deadlines this time last year are getting ready to pack up and come home for a well-deserved Thanksgiving break.

While Mom’s home cooking and a miraculously clean bathroom rank high on the lists of reasons why freshmen look forward to the holiday, it might surprise some college applicants how much life changes and why home looks pretty good after a couple of months in a dorm.

For those who wonder, here are 15 reasons college freshmen look forward to coming home for Thanksgiving:

15. At home, mashed potatoes and stuffing aren’t served with an ice cream scoop.
14. As long as mom is in charge, you won’t run out of underwear.
13. It’s really unlikely that dad will schedule a midnight fire drill.
12. No one will ask to borrow your class notes, calculus book, DVD, or iPod.
11. You won’t be sleeping on the common room sofa because your roommate is “entertaining.”
10. There’s no need to wear flip flops in the shower or worry about who’s using your soap.
9. You don’t have to pole vault into a bed lofted 2 feet above your head.
8. Laundry facilities may be available other than between 3 and 4 am; quarters or other forms of payment should not be required.
7. Access to a car may be within the realm of possibility.
6. The party down the hall probably won’t go on all night.
5. A student ID will not be required to get in the house or gain access to your bedroom.
4. No one in your family will bang on your door after midnight and want to “talk.”
3. Earplugs won’t be necessary to block out your roommate’s loud music, snoring, and/or video games.
2. You can answer your mom’s text messages in person.
1. And for better or worse, Thanksgiving dinner will not be served on a slightly damp plastic tray.

Welcome home to all those who are fortunate enough to get there!

Image from Jelene's Photostream on Flickr

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