Jun 10, 2011

Stanford and Dartmouth to Live Stream Commencement Ceremonies on YouTube

Can’t get enough of those uplifting speeches? Need a little inspiration? Or maybe you just can’t make it to commencement ceremonies for one of your favorite undergrads.

If so, there are some amazing ways you can “virtually” attend a college graduation without leaving the comfort of home. And it’s all thanks to the high-tech wizardry of YouTube.

Already there are hundreds of 2011 commencement speeches posted on YouTube. The truly dedicated can catch local reruns of Michael Bloomberg’s remarks at George Washington University or Bob Schieffer at American University.

And then there’s Denzel Washington at the University of Pennsylvania, Tom Hanks at Yale, or Arianna Huffington at Sarah Lawrence.

But if you crave the thrill of live action, YouTube has selected a few favorite collegiate partners to present graduation ceremonies as they happen using a brand new live streaming platform called YouTube Live.

On Sunday, June 12, YouTube will partner with Stanford University and Dartmouth College to broadcast commencement ceremonies on www.youtube.com/live. You’ll have to get up early, as Dartmouth’s graduation begins at 9:30 ET. And it’s going to be a study in contrasts as Conan O’Brien is slated to deliver the address while President George H.W. Bush collects an honorary degree.

Across the country and several hours later, Stanford’s commencement will get underway at 12:30 ET, with Mexican President Felipe Calderon addressing thousands of graduates, proud parents, and guests in Stanford Stadium.

And if you haven’t experienced a Stanford graduation, be sure to tune in early for the traditional “Wacky Walk,” which is unlike any processional you’ve ever seen. The infamous Stanford Marching Band will also make an appearance to whip-up the audience into a final frenzy of dancing and wild celebration.

You can add both of these events to your calendar or subscribe to various “channels” on the YouTube Live website. In fact, you can even “log in” to engage with live streamers and the rest of the YouTube community using a live comments feature.

So microwave a bag of popcorn and be there. By the time the Stanford Marching Band finishes on Sunday afternoon, I guarantee you’ll feel inspired!

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