Jun 3, 2011

The Last 18 Years in Rap: 1993-2011

If you’re already done with the cap and gown thing or even if you’re still waiting out a secondary school career at Oakton, BCC, Madison or wherever high school, the hip-hop poets at Flocabulary want to present you with a very special graduation gift.

“It’s not the week in rap—this is 18 years of rap for the high school grad.”

And using its internet video platform, Flocabulary magically serves up images from the most compelling stories of your life—so far.

From the tragedy in Waco (1993) and the debut of Pokemon (1995) to the birth of Harry Potter (1997) and the tears at Columbine (1999), the pictures inspire as the lyrics recall what it’s been like to grow up from one century to the next.

But “we all remember the hour, when we heard that two plans had hit the towers.” Life changed in an instant, and war became condition normal.

The Last 18 Years in Rap
comes to you from the same guys who do the weekly current events project, The Week in Rap. It’s meant for the classroom, but subscriptions are free and open to anyone. You just need an email address and the link arrives every Friday
The Flocabulary team is on break for the summer. But they promise to be back with more headlines and rhymes come September. In the meantime, you can check out their library and get the subscription.

“Yeah. To all the high school graduates,
Think of yourself and tell me, are you proud of it?
Channel One, Flocab wishing you congrats,
This has been the last 18 years in rap.”

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