May 3, 2011

Colleges with the Most Transfer Students

According to a recent survey conducted by US News and World Report, schools in Texas, Florida, and California were popular destinations for transfer students in 2009. In fact, 9 out of the ten colleges with the most transfer students were located in warmer climates. Evidently they had capacity to accept and enroll astonishing large numbers of transfers.

There are many reasons students choose to move schools. Often money issues are involved. Or sometimes it’s a question of academics or a desire to be closer to home. And community college students make up a huge percentage of students moving from one institution to another.

Even the Commander-in-Chief transferred during his college career.

Among the 1,700 colleges and universities surveyed by USNWR, over 566,000 students were reported as transferring.

Based on the surveys, Arizona State University enrolled 5,388 transfer students and ranked number one among the 1,286 schools providing transfer data. And three schools in the California State University system each drew more than 3,700 transfers and ranked six, seven, and eight respectively.

A quick review of local colleges and universities suggests a much more limited ability to accommodate transfer students. According to Common Data Set information, George Mason was among the more transfer-friendly institutions and enrolled 2452 transfers last year. The University of Maryland—College Park accepted 44 percent of its transfer applicants and enrolled 1,899.

Far fewer transfers were to be found at Johns Hopkins (37) and the University of Richmond (48). George Washington accepted 27 percent of its transfer applicants and enrolled 310 students, while Georgetown accepted 23 percent and enrolled 230.

The University of Virginia accepted 40 percent of those applying to transfer and enrolled 653, at the same time the College of William & Mary accepted 43 percent and enrolled 202.

Among the local colleges admitting the highest percent of transfer applicants were the University of Mary Washington and American University—both at 67 percent which is only slightly above the national average cited by USNWR of 61.9 percent.

The following is the USNWR list of 10 schools enrolling the most transfer students:

1. Arizona State University: 5,388 enrolled/84.4% accepted
2. University of Central Florida: 5,336 enrolled/61.3% accepted
3. Florida International University: 4,336 enrolled/71.2% accepted
4. University of North Texas: 4,012 enrolled/58.6% accepted
5. University of Texas—Arlington: 3,944 enrolled/91.9% accepted
6. California State University—Fullerton: 3,800 enrolled/45.7% accepted
7. California State University—Sacramento: 3,771 enrolled/78% accepted
8. California State University—Northridge: 3,706 enrolled/57.5% accepted
9. University of South Florida: 3,696 enrolled/68% accepted
10. Portland State University: 3,486 enrolled/82.3% accepted

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