Jan 25, 2011

UVa Plans to Admit Up To 250 Additional Students for the Class of 2015

It’s another “good news—bad news” story. The bad news is that the University of Virginia received 23,942 applications for the Class of 2015—a 6 percent increase over last year. This is despite an overall decline in the number of high school students expected to graduate in 2011.

The good news is that to increase enrollment, UVa plans to extend between 200 and 250 additional offers of admission in order to achieve an entering class of about 3,360 first year students—120 more than last year.

While UVa is not the only college experiencing a significant rise in the number of applications received this year, few have announced plans to so aggressively expand undergraduate programs.

Among those reporting application increases are Boston University (9 percent), Brown (3 percent), Chicago (12 percent), Columbia (32 percent), Dartmouth (15.7 percent), Duke (10.5 percent), Georgetown (7.9 percent), George Washington, Harvard (15 percent), NYU (10.5 percent), Northwestern (10 percent), Princeton (3.3 percent), Stanford (7 percent), Penn (15 percent), and Yale (5 percent).

“We’re in an environment now where students are clearly submitting more applications,” explained Greg Roberts, UVa’s dean of admission. “While we are flattered that so many students have interest in the University of Virginia, our primary focus is on the entering class.”

Thanks to the efforts of UVa’s outreach office and the support provided by AccessUVa, the number of low income and minority students applying to UVa appears to be rising. But according to UVA Today, some of those increases may be attributed to a sharp decrease in the number of students who declined to specify race, from 1,377 last year to 496 this year.

With the January 1st deadline passed, the Office of Admission now turns to the “daunting task” of building an entering class. Although the office brought on 10 temporary readers to support the effort, Dean Roberts or one of the full time associate deans plans to review every application. Decisions will be released by April 1.

Once this year’s decisions go out, UVa will begin the process of implementing and promoting a new "nonbinding" early admission plan, in which students may apply by November 1st and receive a decision by January 31, 2012.

“The new option is likely to boost the application total still higher,” Roberts said.
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