Jan 14, 2011

UGA, Georgia Tech, and Emory Extend Application Deadlines

While recent winter weather patterns produced little more than inconvenience for the DC area, Atlanta is still reeling from the damage caused by highly unusual storms that continue to produce school closings and disruptions in normal city-wide activities.

Because of what Emory University characterizes as “unprecedented snow and ice,” the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, as well as Emory have decided to give all students a few more days to submit applications.

According to the UGA website, the deadline for “First Year online application completion” for both summer and fall of 2011 has been moved to Tuesday, January 18th, at 5 pm EST. All “application materials” must be received or postmarked by Friday, January 21st. Georgia Tech has extended its freshman regular decision deadline to January 21st.

Emory is postponing its regular decision deadline until February 1st. Students accepted through early decision are being granted five additional days to send in deposits.

All three colleges posted notices of the extensions on their admission websites and warned students not to wait until the last minute to submit applications. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, admissions officials “do not predict a delay in letting students know if they’ve been accepted.”

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