Dec 24, 2009

College Trivia for the Holidays

If conversation lags at the holiday dinner table, impress family and friends with your college knowledge by mastering a few facts:

1. Which eight universities make up the Ivy League?
2. Why are the colors of the University of Memphis blue and gray?
3. What is the longest continuous rivalry (and most played games) in college football?
4. At which university was Gatorade invented?
5. At which universities was Legally Blond filmed?
6. How many colleges are in the Big 10 athletic conference?
7. Which university has graduated the most US presidents?
8. Which college won the first NCAA Division 1 basketball championship?
9. At which university was Cheez Whiz created?
10. Which university claims both the first and the last person to walk on the moon?
11. Which college is located in the nation’s oldest city?
12. Which college football team first used numbers on its jerseys?
13. Where was the first homecoming celebrated?
14. What do the films Sweet Home Alabama and Remember the Titans have in common?
15. Which college was the first to grant a bachelors degree to an African American student?
16. From which college did Mr. Rogers graduate?
17. Which US president founded and designed the University of Virginia?
18. Which college established the first alumni association?
19. Which college in the US reported the first incident of “streaking?”
20. What was the first coeducational college in the US?
21. For which college humor publication did Conan O’Brien write?
22. Name the world’s only university in which all programs and services are designed to accommodate the deaf and hard of hearing.
23. At which college was the first Greek-letter student society founded in the US?
24. What was the first college mascot? (Bonus points for the mascot's name)
25. In which state is Miami University located?

Answers: 1. Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, Yale; 2. To symbolize the reunification of the US after the Civil War; 3. Lafayette vs. Lehigh (1884); 4. University of Florida; 5. USC, Caltech, and UCLA; 6. 11; 7. Harvard; 8. University of Oregon; 9. Rutgers; 10. Purdue University (Armstong and Cernan); 11. Flagler College in St. Augustine FL; 12. University of Pennsylvania; 13. University of Missouri; 14. Both were filmed at Berry College in Georgia; 15. Middlebury College (Alexander L. Twilight); 16. Rollins College in Florida; 17. Thomas Jefferson; 18. Williams College; 19. Washington and Lee University (1804); 20. Oberlin College; 21. The Harvard Lampoon; 22. Gallaudet in Washington DC; 23. College of William and Mary (Phi Beta Kappa in 1776); 24. Yale’s Bulldog (Handsome Dan); 25. Ohio

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