Dec 19, 2009

Getting Inside the College Admissions Office

In case you missed the WSJ On Campus webcast, Inside the Admissions Office, Unigo is posting short, easy-to-digest video clips on its website summarizing key topics covered by the broadcast that took place earlier this month. Segments feature the deans of admission from Bryn Mawr, Grinnell, Marquette, Penn, Princeton, the University of Vermont, Wesleyan, and Williams responding to questions posed online from students across the US. Highlights include answers to:

Unigo is a free web-based guide to US colleges and universities containing student-generated reviews, advice, and video. It is consistently among favorite college search websites named by members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA).

Go directly to the Unigo website to access the clips or watch the entire webcast. Several segments are also posted on YouTube. No registration or personal details are required to view any of the videos on either site.

To get started, take a few minutes and watch the clip posted below to learn how a typical admissions office actually operates. In this segment, the deans reveal the process by which an application makes it from reader to admit. You might be surprised at how many reviews each application receives during an evaluation and how much time readers spend on each application.

Together, these videos contain a wealth of information. No matter where you are in the college admissions process, the insights and advice offered will point you in the right direction and hopefully relieve a little stress along the way.

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