Mar 15, 2019

Colleges still accepting applications for fall 2019

Clemson is still accepting applications for fall 2019.

Yes, it’s getting late. Most—not all—admissions decisions for fall 2019 have already been made and are in the process of being communicated.

But if you’re disappointed with the decisions you’ve received so far or if you want to continue exploring possibilities, take heart. There are literally hundreds of colleges across the country ready, willing and more than happy to consider additional applications for fall 2019.

In fact, a substantial number of wonderful schools located on stunningly beautiful campuses will consider applications from prospective undergrads well into August. And some of these schools still have scholarships to offer!

And note there are quite a few more that have extended their deadlines without publishing the fact or changing information contained on application platforms or websites.

But don’t delay. Even those colleges with “rolling” admissions eventually fill their seats. And if you need financial support, be aware that scholarships are often allocated on a first come, first serve basis or until the money runs out.

Still, if you’re looking or thinking about submitting additional applications, here are a few insider tips to jumpstart your research long before NACAC’s “space available” list comes out shortly after May 1:
  1. Common Application member institutions still open to new applicants may be found by going to the Common App website.  Click on the College Search tab. Indicate that you’re looking for Fall 2019 and complete the deadline box according to your interest. If you happen to be looking for colleges with deadlines on or after March 15, 2019, you will be rewarded with a list of about 490 institutions.
  2. The Universal College Application makes the search even easier. Simply go to go to this link and click on Fall 2019. Scan the Regular Decision column and find 21 colleges and universities still accepting new applications, including some that are not UCA members, but which are listed as a public service.
  3. The Coalition for Colleges has prepared a list of member college deadlines: . Eighteen Coalition members have deadlines on or after March 15.
  4. Using the College Board’s Big Future search engine, start by using the Type of School filter and select “4-year,” “private” and “public” (this eliminates for-profit institutions). Scan through the other filters and select your preferences for size, location, majors, etc. Click on “Close and see results.” Once results appear, go to the dropdown box labeled “Sort by:” (upper right) and click on “Application Deadline.”
    Caution: The list starts with “01-Jan,” goes through the calendar year.  At this point, you’d want to start reviewing the colleges with late-March deadlines, starting on about page 14.  Schools with “no deadline” are listed at the end. It’s a little confusing, and the information is only as good as what colleges tell the College Board.
Once you have a “starter” list of schools that may still be accepting applications, verify deadlines by visiting individual websites.

But if websites are unclear or you find conflicting information as to the current status of the process, contact admissions offices directly and simply ask.

You might be surprised to find many are more than happy to hear from you!

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