Jul 29, 2015

Mary Washington and GW sign fast-track medical school agreement

University of Mary Washington

The University of Mary Washington and the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences are working together to “streamline” the process by which UMW students may be admitted to medical school.

A memorandum of understanding signed yesterday by both schools provides a pathway for UMW students to apply for and receive acceptance to the GWU School of Medicine and Health Sciences through GW’s Early Selection program.

"The agreement will let highly qualified students gain acceptance to medical school during the summer following their sophomore year,” said Richard Finkelstein, dean of the UMW College of Arts and Sciences.  “During their final two years at UMW, students will have the freedom and encouragement to study a wider range of subjects in the liberal arts than they might do otherwise.”
UMW Honors students interested in pursuing this opportunity will work closely with academic advisors to meet the minimum requirements for applications—both curricular and extracurricular. 

Admitted students will not be required to take MCATs and will be encouraged to spend additional time pursuing research, study abroad and rigorous liberal arts course work matching their interests and ambitions.

According to Dean Finkelstein, there is no “limit” to the number of UMW honors students who will be admitted to the program after their sophomore year.  Between 50 and 80 students are admitted to the UMW honors program each year.  Those honors students who meet the criteria under the agreement and who are interested in applying to the GW program will do so directly through the GW medical school admissions office.  Dean Finkelstein estimates that the program could include several UMW students each year.

In addition to the University of Mary Washington, GW offers the Early Selection program to a number of other undergraduate colleges and universities, including Claremont McKenna, Colgate, George Mason University, Randolph Macon College, Rhodes College, and the University of Maryland College Park.

For more information on GW’s Early Selection program and the memorandum of understanding with the University of Mary Washington, contact Dean Finkelstein at rfinkels@umw.edu or visit the GWU School of Medicine and Health Sciences Early Selection website.

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