Nov 9, 2014

Even more colleges extend early deadlines

Fordham University finally noted the extension on its website.

Students who couldn’t quite get paperwork together for early deadlines were rewarded with a few more days by colleges that may have seen fewer applications than they originally anticipated for the early round.

BUT not all of these extensions were posted on websites and not all applicants were alerted to the extra time.

In fact, there’s no indication on the Common Application that several of their members decided to extend deadlines.  

It appears that only students on a college’s radar received notification of early extensions.

And how do you get to be among the select group to receive these kinds of notices?  Making sure you are on the mailing list helps.  

It also appears that students who had listed schools as “My Colleges” on the Common Application and who may or may not have started an early application were rewarded with invitations to submit after deadline. 

And what’s the lesson to be learned?  Be sure to “demonstrate interest” to all the colleges to which there is even the vaguest of possibility you may apply—and do it by getting on mailing lists, entering colleges on the Common Application or opening an application "account" for colleges not using the Common App.

Don’t assume that because you’re receiving mail from a college that you are on the “A-list” of applicants—they could have purchased your name from the College Board.  Instead, make sure you reach out to the college by signing up to receive information and then be sure to open email.

Colleges are following what you do through the use of enrollment management software—even if they swear they don’t pay the slightest attention to demonstrated interest.   If you don’t believe it, just ask my cat.

Here is a list of colleges that notified students of extensions to early deadlines:

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