Jun 13, 2014

Some new leads for 2014 summer jobs and internships

Are you still looking for an internship or a summer job?  Did all those well-intentioned summer plans fall through at the very last minute?  Or do you want a little part time work to supplement other plans for the summer?

If so, “Youth Jobs+, a series of job posting links found on the White House website, might offer a possible solution or point you in the direction of employers still looking for a little help this summer.

Building off the successful Summer Jobs+ program, the White House brought together businesses, nonprofits and government agencies in a project designed to develop pathways to employment for youth.  Specifically targeted to “low-income and disconnected” youth, the project basically supports any student in search of a job or internship opportunity.

And it’s easy to use. Positions are found by selecting one of several links to job posting sites including CareerRookie.com, Internships.com, Monster.com, and Youth.jobs.  Although many of the positions listed require at least one year of college, a substantial number are seeking high school students.  Some are paid and some are volunteer internships.  And each site has different search requirements—some you may need to register for.

In addition, job opportunities may be found on the Summer Jobs+ page, which for some reason is still listed as a BETA version of the Department of Labor job bank.  The jobs are there, so use it.  Note that you can filter your search by keyword, city or state. 

Be aware that summer jobs and internships go quickly, and you may have to check back frequently to get the jump on new listings. It's all a little "hit or miss."

At the end of the day, networking through personal contacts is probably the best way to find a summer job, especially for high school students. But if you’ve exhausted your immediate network, try Youth Jobs+.  And get your resume ready!

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