Apr 9, 2014

17 public colleges with out-of-state tuition under $10K

Bemidji State University courtesy of Wikipedia

Not long ago, a high school counselor in New Hampshire challenged her students with a list of ten public colleges and universities advertising out-of-state tuition of less than $10,000 per year and asked, “Are you adventurous?”

Setting aside tuition-free colleges (the service academies and several others), the Chronicle of Higher Education lists 17 residential public institutions with out-of-state tuition coming in under $10K.  In fact, adding in room and board, all 17 post totals of under $20,000 per year for out-of-state students.

Of course this doesn’t take into account important expenses like travel, and there may be a few hidden fees not included in posted tuitions.

But the counselor’s point is well taken.  Given increased stress over the escalating cost of college, these schools could represent a relatively good value, particularly when compared with more expensive public colleges and universities where in-state tuition far exceeds $10,000, like the University of Pittsburgh ($17,100), Penn State ($16,992), the University of New Hampshire ($16,496), or the University of Vermont ($15,718).

There’s certainly food for thought here!

For the record, here are the 17 residential public institutions listed by the Chronicle of Higher Education with out-of-state tuition under $10,000 per year for 2013-14 (and note that ALL are still accepting applications):

  • Institute of American Indian Arts, NM:  $3600
  • Chadron State College, NE:  $5637
  • Peru State College, NE:  $5776
  • Mississippi Valley State University, MS:  $5916
  • Delta State University, MS:  $6012
  • Minot State University, ND:  $6,087
  • New Mexico Highlands University, NM:  $6,383
  • West Texas A&M University, TX:  $7620
  • Bemidji State University, MN:  $8124
  • Southwest Minnesota State University, MN:  $8385
  • Mayville State University, ND:  $8675
  • Midwestern State University, TX:  $9204
  • Northern State University, SD:  $9563
  • Black Hills State University, SD:  $9617
  • Wayne State College, NE:  $9774
  • South Dakota State University, SD:  $9795
  • Harris-Stowe State University, MO:  $9853

There are definitely some geographic themes here. 

And yes, you may have to be a little adventurous

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