Feb 1, 2014

Students with diabetes: know your rights

Johns Hopkins has a new chapter of the College Diabetes Network

The American Diabetes Association is inviting students with Diabetes and their families to a free webinar jointly hosted by the Association and the College Diabetes Network, scheduled for Wednesday, February 5, 9:00-9:00 p.m. EDT.

An impressive panel of experts including representatives from various advocacy groups has been assembled to present their personal experiences and offer expert advice to students and their families on how to navigate the college transition.   

The goal is to provide information which will enable students with Diabetes to thrive in all of their personal, healthcare, and scholastic endeavors.

This important presentation will cover

The Legal Perspective:  protections for college students with diabetes along with the differences between K-12 and postsecondary education

The Student Perspective:   how registering with Disability Services can help; learning to advocate for yourself; and issues surrounding disclosure and privacy.

The Administration Perspective:  how the Disabilities Services Office can help in addition to some suggestions for “best practices” for working with a college or university

All students preparing to attend as well as those currently attending postsecondary schools along with education professionals, attorneys, health care professionals, family members and friends are welcome to attend.

For information on how to register, visit the American Diabetes Association website.   

Also note that complete list of colleges and universities in contact with or having chapters of the College Diabetes Network is posted on the CDN website.

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