Jan 17, 2014

UVa releases Early Action Decisions for Class of 2018

The University of Virginia presented thousands of early action (EA) applicants with an unexpected gift this evening  by deciding to release decisions two weeks ahead of the posted schedule.

“Our office is buzzing with excitement because we know that we’re going to make some of you very happy this evening,” said assistant dean Jeannine Lalonde (Dean J) in her Notes from Peabody blog. “That excitement is tempered by the fact that we’re going to make many of you sad or upset.” 

This is only the third year UVa has offered an unrestricted early action application option, and it is proving an increasingly popular among applicants anxious to get an early read on their applications. 

According to numbers provided to the Cavalier Daily, UVa received 14,309 early action applications for the Class of 2018.  This represented a slight increase over the previous year’s early applicant pool of 13,815.

Although final statistics won’t be posted until later, Virginia admitted about 28 percent of the early applicants last year—3841 students.  About 25 percent were deferred to the regular admissions pool and the rest were denied.

“We’re looking at personal qualities and characteristics,” said Dean Gregory W. Roberts in reference to last year’s early admits.  “We’re seeking interesting students who love to learn.”

EA applicants deferred to regular decision will get a second review and receive final decisions some time before April 1, 2014.  They are encouraged to submit midyear grades and any new standardized test results as soon as possible.

Those who receive admission offers will have until May 1, 2014, to submit their deposits and secure places in the class of 2018.  In the meantime, admissions officials will turn attention to the applications of students who applied by the regular January 1 deadline.

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