Oct 31, 2013

In Honor of the Season NACAC offers Ghostly Advice

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) has decided to interject a little humor in an otherwise trying application season.

Two videos designed to help students and families learn more about college preparation and the admission process have been posted on the NACAC website and the association’s YouTube channel.

And you might want to check them out!

Shot with student actors from a Virginia high school, the first of these three-to-four minute videos focuses on the anxiety students face when considering their admissions options. 

With the help of four very engaging ghosts, “The College Admission Process Can Be Scary,”encourages students and families to face up to their fears:

Your admission essay is too general and lacks personality
Your math SAT score is laughably low
There are only 5 colleges worth going to
And you can't afford them

and make good use of all the various college admissions resources available on the NACAC website.

Going in a slightly different direction, “Financial Aid! The Musical” sets applying for aid to music:

Well it starts with “F”
Kinda rhymes with NAFTA
Option 1, fill out the FAFSA
To qualify for federal loans and grants…
Do your grades reflect you best
A skill to stand above the rest
There are scholarships for lots of different things.

NACAC created the videos to help begin or expand on the conversation about financial aid and the college admission process.

And NACAC wants to remind everyone about the many tools available on their website to help students and parents navigate the transition from high school to college including advice on college preparation, college search, applying to college, paying for college, and succeeding in college.

Even on Halloween, there’s no need to be afraid.

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