Apr 25, 2013

Celebrating Earth Week: Online Flashcards support ‘Sustainable Study’ and they’re FREE

It’s Earth Week.  And why not celebrate by discovering new ways to reduce paper dependence while developing more efficient study habits?

StudyBlue, an innovative mobile and “social” study platform, offers students just that opportunity with free online “app-based” tools including downloadable flashcards—shared or those you make yourself for studying anything from Introduction to Biology to SAT vocabulary words. 

One among many paperless study options, StudyBlue allows students to turn their study materials into flashcards and quizzes, effectively moving them away from heavy notebooks and stacks of 3x5 paper cards to study aids that are fun and easy to use. 

And the free online flashcards allow students to “mobilize”their notes, meaning they can study literally anywhere—any time.  How cool is that?

Another unique feature for high school students is they can set a Study Reminder for any online flashcards or notes, and they’ll get a text message when it’s time to study again—with a direct link to the material.  This could put mom’s nagging out of business.

In effect, StudyBlue provides students with a “digital backpack” that helps them store and organize class study materials as well as compare these materials with others studying the same subjects.

And for the environmentally conscious, using StudyBlue is a way to promote sustainability and  increase personal efficiency in study methods.  In fact, going digital is one way to significantly cut into the 320 pounds of paper waste StudyBlue estimates is produced each year by the average student in the U.S. 

For more information or to try out the free flashcard app, visit the StudyBlue website.

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