Oct 22, 2012

High School Students can ‘Make A Difference’

The truly brilliant high school student knows that community service is not only good for the heart but also helps tremendously with college admissions.

By and large, colleges are smart enough to figure that what you’ve consistently brought to your local community in terms of enthusiastic participation in volunteer projects and events is what you’re likely to bring to their campus community. 

They also know that active volunteers are test driving future careers and honing job readiness skills like being responsible and on time.

So jumpstart your career as a volunteer by signing up for one of many area projects scheduled during the coming week, which culminates on October 27—the 22nd annual Make A Difference Day.  

Spearheaded by USA WEEKEND and celebrated throughout the county, Make A Difference Day is billed as the largest national day of helping others.  And here are a few local projects still seeking volunteers:

For more information on volunteer opportunities, visit the Make A Difference Day website or contact any local volunteer organization.  Do it today.  Projects are filling fast!

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