Jun 4, 2012

Virginia Colleges and Universities post Smaller-Than-Planned Tuition Increases for 2012-13

George Mason University
Bowing to pressure from Governor McDonnell to limit in-state tuition increases to the unadjusted consumer price index figure of 2.7 percent, Virginia’s public colleges and universities have largely stuck to more modest adjustments in tuition and fees for the 2012-13 academic year.
While UVa and the College of William & Mary retain their places at the top of the Commonwealth’s tuition ranking—in most cases more than double for both residents and nonresidents—other Virginia institutions largely towed the line rather than risk displeasure in the Governor’s office.
At its second special meeting on the question, the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors voted to boost tuition and mandatory fees for in-state undergrads by 3.9 percent to $10,923.  Out-of-state students not living on campus can expect to pay $25,915 or $1,435 more than last year.  Room and board as well as supplemental program fees will also go up, but by varying amounts.
In Harrisonburg, James Madison University approved an increase for in-state tuition and fees by $360 to $8,808.  Out-of-state students will pay $22,796, an increase of $1,058.
In-state students at Christopher Newport University will be paying $10,572 or 4.8 percent more in tuition and fees for the 2012-13 school year.  Nonresident costs will go up by 4.2 percent to $20,122.
Virginia Commonwealth University scaled back its planned spike in tuition and fees from 9.5 percent to 3.87 percent for in-state tuition and mandatory fees.  The increase means Virginia residents will pay $9,885 for the next academic year—an additional $368.  With room and board, the cost will be about $18,633.
Longwood University announced that undergraduate tuition and mandatory fees for in-state student will be increasing by 3.4 percent, or $360, in 2012-13.  With room and board for students living on campus, the increase will be 3.7 percent, while out-of-state student will see an increase of 3.9 percent or $1,174.  But that won’t affect too many students as Longwood enrolls the highest percentage of in-state students for any Virginia public university—96 percent.
The Board of Visitors of George Mason University, Virginia’s largest public university, voted to raise in-state tuition and fees and room and board by $664 or 3.5 percent.  Out-of-state students will see an increase of $1,330 or 3.7 percent.
“Since its beginning, George Mason University has been a significant factor in the growth and vitality of Northern Virginia. This action by the Board of Visitors helps ensure the university has the funding it needs to continue offering courses and programs of the highest quality taught by outstanding scholars in many state-of-the-art facilities,” says Ernst Volgenau, BOV rector.

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