Feb 28, 2012

Princeton Review's College Hopes and Worries Survey 2012

The Princeton Review wants to know what it is about the college admissions process that keeps you up at night. And they’re offering the possibility of winning a $1,000 scholarship as an incentive for completing a very simple survey that I promise will take no more than three minutes to complete.

Since 2003, the Princeton Review has annually asked college-bound students and their parents to answer a series of questions related to the application process and what they hope—or are afraid—will happen as the process draws to a close.

And the answers not only receive lots of national publicity but they usually add something to what we know are the hot spots in the college admissions process.

For example, the survey probes basic concerns like not getting into a first-choice college and how the economy has affected decisions about applying to or attending college. It also asks about the toughest parts of the application process and for an assessment of personal stress-level.

And in the survey’s only open-ended question, “What college would you most like to attend (or see your child attend) if chance of being accepted or cost were not an issue,” you have the opportunity to honestly reflect on what defines a dream college. Last year’s respondents came up with more than 545 different institutions.

The survey is thought-provoking and easy to complete. Simply go to the Princeton Review website and follow the link to the online form.

You can be anonymous, but if you want a chance to win the $1,000 scholarship, you’ll have to provide some basic contact information and submit the survey by no later than March 5, 2012.

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