Jan 20, 2012

UVa Offers Admission to 3,187 Early Applicants

UVa early action applicants will receive their admission decisions this evening at 5:00 p.m., well ahead of the projected January 31st scheduled release date. And for 3,187 high school students, the wait will be over.

Make no mistake, the competition for admission under UVa’s new early admission plan was intense, as the overall number of applications grew to record-breaking numbers. Including 11,753 early action candidates, the total UVa applicant pool stood at a record 28,239 as of yesterday—an impressive 18 percent increase over last year.

“We expected an increase, but the size was a surprise to us,” said Greg Robers, UVa’s dean of admission. He attributes the rise in applications to “strong recruitment efforts, the availability of the new early action plan, and an ongoing national trend of individual students applying to more colleges.

According to UVa, those offered early admission bids were exceptionally well qualified by any standard. The average SAT score was 1,413 on a 1,600 scale and 2,119 on a 2,400 scale, as compared to 1,380 and 2,066 respectively for last year’s admits.

“We’re pleased with the diversity, and we’re excited about the quality of the class,” Roberts said. “This is clearly a distinguished group of scholars.”

The breakdown of applications showed significant interest in the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), which lead the increase with 4,530 students applying for—a 23 percent jump over a year ago. The Curry School of Education’s new four-year undergraduate kinesiology major was also popular, attracting 474 applications for 26 places.

Those who receive admission offers will have until May to submit their deposits and secure places in the class of 2016. In the meantime, admissions officials will turn attention to the applications of students who applied by the regular January 1st deadline.

Not everyone will be receiving good news, however. Although 41 percent of the early applicants were admitted, another 3,150 were deferred to the regular cycle. And 4,909 applications were declined.

“We have always been very honest with applicants, even though there is bound to be some disappointment,” Roberts added.

Unsure about what percentage of students will accept the early offer of admission, UVa officials will proceed cautiously in filling a projected class of 3,360 students—down from last year’s slightly overenrolled class that class, which unexpectedly grew to 3,450 students.

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