Apr 24, 2011

Of Egg Hunts and Seder Dinners

With the spring holidays falling nearer to finals than midterms, many undergrads won’t be making it home this year for Passover or Easter.

So colleges are trying to pick up where mom, dad, and the Easter Bunny left off.

At the University of Kansas, students arriving on campus last week found hundreds of Easter eggs hidden on the lawns and among bushes. All contained two chocolate treats and a printed message from students in a “Positive Psychology” class.

The objective of the project was to determine how people rated their happiness upon discovering the chocolate pieces and their happiness upon giving the second piece to a friend as the egg’s message suggested. Results of an online survey are being compiled.

Locally, Georgetown University celebrates Passover with an interfaith Seder. Following the structure of a traditional Passover Seder, students learn about “the core traditions and values that transcend the Jewish faith and have had a distinct impact on other religions and cultures.”

The University of Richmond, in conjunction with the Virginia Association for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments (VAAPVI) is sponsoring an “audible” Easter egg hunt using electronics to transform plastic eggs into ones that beep giving children with visual impairments “an extraordinary opportunity to be ordinary!” (Postponed because of bad weather to April 30th)

And at the University of Maryland, the Jewish Student Union partnered with Maryland’s Greek community to host the “My Big Fat Greek Seder” at Ritchie Coliseum. The event promised free food, prizes, and a good time.

However you spend the holiday, enjoy!

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