Dec 17, 2010

The Marines Partner with a Few Good Colleges

The Marine Corps is partnering with a few good colleges in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, to bring the newly-created Elite-to-Elite Academic Mission (ETEAM) Program to campuses seeking to upgrade support for recent veterans.

“We want Marines to continue their education, and return to the community as an educated and skilled workforce, according to Major General Carl Jensen, commanding general for Marine Corps Installations East. “The intention is to make it easier for Marines to attend great collegiate institutions.”

Separate from the Yellow Ribbon Program, ETEAM is designed to simplify and hasten the admissions process for eligible Marines who want to attend specific colleges. Participating institutions include the entire University of North Carolina system, as well as East Carolina University, NC State, and NC A&T among 14 North Carolina colleges and universities.

In South Carolina, the University of South Carolina Beaufort recently joined with Coastal Carolina University to offer the program. And closer to home, Virginia Tech is also among participating colleges and universities.

Although each institution has individual agreements with the Marine Corps, the program operates to shorten and expedite the overall admissions process for qualified Marines. In general, standardized test scores (if taken within the last two years), transcripts, a personal essay, service records, and letters of recommendation are among the required materials to be submitted.

More information and application procedures may be found on Marine Corps web pages.

Photo provided by sharedferret at Flickr.


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