Nov 17, 2010

Centre College to Accept Scholarship Nominations from Independent College Consultants

Recognizing the growing role of independent college consultants in the admissions process, Centre College recently invited members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) to submit nominations for the prestigious Centre College Fellows program.

“We understand how well you know your students,” said Bob Nesmith, dean of admission and student financial aid. “Your recommendations will help us identify and ultimately reward deserving students through our Centre Fellows Program.”

Located in Danville, Kentucky, Centre College is included among the 40 Colleges That Change Lives. Recognized by US News & World Report, Forbes, and the Fiske Guide, Centre boasts of unquestionable success among prestious national award programs (Rhodes, Fulbright, Goldwater, etc.) as well as placement into top graduate and professional schools.

The Centre Fellows Scholarship was designed to be an innovative merit program targeted to outstanding high school juniors “sincerely interested” in a liberal arts and sciences education. In the past, nominations were accepted only from high school guidance counselors.

To expand the reach of the Centre Fellows Scholarship and thank the many independent college consultants who refer students to Centre, Dean Nesmith announced during an information session scheduled as part of the recent IECA Fall Conference that the Fellows Program would begin accepting nominations from consultants working high school juniors in the college search and application processes. The invitation is also extended to members of the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA).

Consultants may nominate up to four outstanding high school juniors who

• Rank in the top 5% of the junior class and take a strong college prep curriculum
• Have PSAT combined critical reading and math score of 125 or higher or SAT critical reading and math of 1250 or higher or ACT composite of 28 or higher or PLAN composite of 26 or higher
• Have a sincere interest in a liberal arts and sciences education and are outstanding citizens of their highs school and community

Nomination forms must be received by May 1st. Once approved, students will receive a letter informing them of their status as Centre Fellows.

As an initial benefit, Fellows receive a waiver of the $40 application fee. If they are admitted to Centre, they will receive a minimum scholarship of $13,500 per year for four years. And they will receive automatic consideration for higher scholarships, which if received will replace the Centre Fellows guarantee.

The Centre Fellows Scholarship Program is made possible by gifts from generous alumni interested in attracting talented juniors from across the country to Centre College. For more information or to download a nomination form, visit the Centre website.

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