Sep 3, 2010

‘I Want to Go’ to C-O-L-L-E-G-E

Check it out. A recent veteran of the admissions process, Maureen Silva has lots of good advice to offer prospective college applicants—especially those who want to go “to an Ivy League school [or] four-year public university.” And she’s tackling everything from essays to financial aid in I Want To Go.

Before heading to the University of Southern California, Maureen stopped off at the Annual Donor Dinner for the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara to perform an original song based on her recent experiences as a college-bound senior at Lompoc High School, two hours north of Los Angeles.

Her sympathetic audience cheered as Maureen summed up the entire college application process in a few short lyrics and admitted that, “Applying is the hardest part especially when you’ve procrastinated and start late.”

But it’s the “essays after essays after essays” that make the process seem never ending. And anyone who has ever written a personal statement will sympathize with the pressure to “fit myself within 500 words, writing about how I’m going save the world.” It does sometimes feel like you have to be “superhuman” just to get in.

Voicing the anxiety and elation that characterize the college application process, Maureen hopes admissions offices will notice her, and she wonders aloud, “Who will I be? What will I do? Where will I go?”

And by the end of I Want to Go, you can assume that whether she goes to an Ivy League school or a four-year public university, "it’s just the beginning" for a very wise and witty young woman.

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