Jul 19, 2010

CICV Extends the Fee Waiver Program to Include College Consultants and Guidance Counselors

The Council of Independent Colleges of Virginia (CICV) voted last week to invite educational consultants and guidance counselors to earn FREE application fee waivers by participating in Private College Week—July 26-31. For the first time, counselors visiting campuses during 2010 CICV Private College Week events may be eligible to receive up to three waivers, good for any of 25 participating colleges and universities across the state.

“The deans of the private colleges have voted—with enthusiasm—to allow guidance counselors to take advantage of the ‘three visits to Virginia Private Colleges equals three application fee waivers’ during Virginia Private College week,” explained Anita Garland, Hampden-Sydney College dean of admissions. “If the counselor visits three colleges, he or she will receive three waivers that can be given to the student of the counselor’s choice.”

The program for counselors will work the same as it has for students and families:

1. Decide which schools to visit. There are 25 from which to choose, and they are located in every corner of Virginia.
2. Register in advance. Sessions are generally scheduled for 9 am and 2 pm during the week, with some schools offering special 9 am sessions on Saturday, July 31.
3. Pick up a “passport” at the first college.
4. At the conclusion of the visit, get the passport stamped.
5. Once the passport has at least three stamps, mail it to CICV (118 East Main Street, Bedford, VA 24523) and receive three fee waivers for any Virginia private college or university—not necessarily the ones visited.

The application fee waiver program has been a very successful promotion for the CICV, as hundreds of families travel each summer to visit member colleges and universities during Private College Week. Posted application fees at member institutions generally range from $30 to $50. This means that three waivers could be worth as much as $150.

Virginia private colleges offer students a friendly academic community where teaching comes first and students receive personal attention and mentoring. For more information, visit the CICV website.

See you on tour!

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