Jun 21, 2010

The Last 18 Years in Rap

Flocabulary hits it again. If you’re a recent high school graduate or just waiting to finish up your secondary school career at Herndon or Chantilly or wherever high school with one last blast of Pomp and Circumstance, here’s your life in review.

Starting in 1992 with over 4 million American babies born, Flocabulary takes just under 4 minutes to hit nearly every major headline of the past 18 years and ends with a very cool salute to the 3.3 million high school grads in the class of 2010.

From Forrest Gump (1994) and the Atlanta Olympics (1996) to the birth of Harry Potter (1997) and the crosses at Columbine (1999), the rapid fire images inspire as the lyrics recall what it’s been like to grow up from one century to the next.

But “we all remember the hour, when we heard that two planes had hit the towers.” And those 4 million babies were just reaching the half-way point in the lives they live today.

The Last 18 Years in Rap is a special gift to the high school class of 2010, with lyrics by Escher. If you’re not familiar with the weekly current events project promoted and brilliantly executed by the hip hop poets behind Flocabulary, check it out. They’re on break for the summer, but promise to be back with more headlines and rhymes in the fall.

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