Apr 5, 2010

Two Virginia Public Universities Announce Tuition Increases for 2010-11

Over the past week, two of Virginia’s public universities announced tuition increases for the 2010-11 academic year. Responding to state reductions in funding for public education, both James Madison University (JMU) and Longwood University will be asking students to chip in a little more for the coming year.

According to a press release from Longwood, total costs (tuition, fees, room and board) will go up by an average of 7.98 percent for in-state undergraduates living on campus and by 10.07 percent for out-of-state students. Compared with last year, total costs for in-state students will increase from $16,641 to $17,969. Costs for out-of-state students living on campus will go from $26,136 to $28,769.

“As a student, you expect to have a certain level of education, a certain number of professors, certain class sizes. We are trying to maintain that the best way we can,” explained Longwood vice president for administration and finance Kathy Worster. “We look at our total costs and the sources of revenue we have and see if there is a gap. That’s what causes an increase.”

Longwood was the first Virginia public institution to announce a tuition increase for next year. James Madison followed a couple of days later by voting to raise in-state undergraduate tuition and fees by 6.7 percent.

For the coming academic year, JMU’s Virginia residents will pay $7860, up from $7364. But unlike Longwood, JMU has elected to impose smaller percent increase on students attending from other states. For 2010-11, JMU’s out-of-state students will see their tuition bills increased by about 5.7 percent, or to $28,324, including room and board.

Undergrads at other Virginia public institutions expect to see similar announcements over the next few weeks. For now, the bigger names are taking a "wait and see" position allowing others to set the standard.

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