Feb 11, 2010

Admissions Offices Stay on Schedule despite Big Snow

DC area colleges and universities may be closed for the week, but behind the scenes, teams of dedicated admissions professionals continue the work of reviewing applications and making decisions for the Class of 2014. “Thankfully, one thing that has not been delayed by the snow is the review of our applications,” explained Greg Grauman, American University Director of Admissions. "'Snowmageddon' has actually provided our staff with more time to review application files, as all our reviews are done online.”

Even with a 39 percent increase in applications received to date, the admissions office at Trinity Washington University is managing to keep up with new inquiries, applicants, and accepted students. “While we are not at 100 percent capacity [since] Trinity has been closed all week, our admissions staff are keeping up with the work and staying in touch with prospective students,” said Ann Pauley, Trinity’s Vice President for Institutional Advancement. “…anticipating the storms, staff members took files home to review.”

Jenni Pfeiffer, Assistant Director of Admissions at George Washington University agreed. “If anything, the blizzard has been great for us. Without all the usual office interruptions, we’re definitely getting reading done.”

The storms have resulted in several extended due dates. Towson University moved its deadline from February 15 to 19, so students can return to school and work with counselors on application materials. GW is delaying deposit deadlines for students accepted during the second Early Decision round (ED2) because admissions packets containing financial aid information are in the office waiting to be mailed.

While Catholic University asks students to submit application and scholarship forms by February 16th, admissions will accept other documents submitted late such as recommendations and transcripts. “The biggest impact the blizzard will have on our admissions office will be the processing of materials that arrive by mail,” said Christine Mica, Catholic’s Dean of Admissions. “Items must be opened, date stamped sorted, entered into the system and matched to an applicant’s file.” While recognizing that students get anxious to know if files are complete, Dean Mica asks for a little patience. “...by working late and on weekends, I am confident our office can catch up and decision letters will be mailed without delay.”

The view from other area admissions offices is the same. “We do not anticipate having to delay notifying our applicants of an admissions decision,” concludes AU’s Greg Grauman. Or as Trinity’s Ann Pauley adds, “The bottom line: Blizzard vs. Admissions—Admissions is winning.”

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