Oct 29, 2009

Scary thoughts: What Keeps College-bound Seniors Up at Night

From fear of rejection to application DEADlines, high school seniors have way too much to worry about. To shed a little light on all the gloom, Cappex.com sampled a few scary thoughts and surveyed 600 college-bound high school seniors to see the top 10 things that keep them up at night. Just in time for Halloween, here are the results:

1. Getting rejected (77%)
2. Writing the application essay (50%)
3. Keeping up with deadlines (31%)
3. Finding scholarships (31%)
5. Applying for financial aid (29%)
6. Meeting a college’s GPA and test score requirements (26%)
7. Filling out applications (22%)
8. Narrowing down my list of college picks (18%)
9. Reading all the mail from colleges (12%)
10. Starting my list of college picks to explore (9%)

How does this spooky list compare with yours? Comment below or email me your top college application nightmares at Nancy@CollegeExplorations.com.

Photo provided by Cesarastudillo

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