Jul 25, 2009

Blog in Review: Two Months In

Blogging is not without its highs and lows. On my official two-month anniversary and after 50 posts (including some that began as email communications last year), I can report the following:

1. Collegiate Snuggies: After what seemed like an interminable delay, the makers of Collegiate Snuggies finally launched their product employing the same annoying video that so successfully marketed the original blanket with sleeves. With 51 college logos from which to choose, you’d think they’d do something a little more creative.

2. Unigo: To quote Mark Sklarow, Executive Director of the IECA, “Kudos" to Unigo for amending a negative post on an otherwise positive website dedicated to helping high school students understand the college admissions process. After receiving push back from a few of us in the field, Mike Dang dug a little deeper and found more about independent college counselors to love.

3. Chauffeurs International: Many thanks for linking up with College Explorations. I am completely delighted to add drivers to my growing list of dedicated readers.

4. IECA: The IECA blog is a goldmine of advice and information targeted to independent educational counselors and others with similar interests. It is an honor to have my work listed with other member blogs.

5. Do or Die: The College Admissions Process: No other post has come close in terms of popularity. The video, made by high school students, really is funny—especially the part about the parents.

6. New York Times: Steinberg’s response to the controversy generated by his front-page piece was less than satisfying. By ending on a negative note, he effectively erased any good that may have come by grudgingly admitting his characterization of college counselors was way harsh.

7. CollegeHumor.com: You know you’ve made it when your work appears in satire or as grist for the college humor mill. But if anyone can explain what this means (the original is much funnier), please do.

I’m waiting for the blog to go viral.

Thanks everyone.

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