May 13, 2009

Misc. College Visits

As many of you already know, some colleges and universities hit the road this time of year to begin a recruitment process that actually gets into full swing in the fall. Short of actually visiting a campus, these presentations offer an opportunity for you to get basic information about a school as well as to make yourself known to area representatives who might just be reading your application some time in the future. Although most of the college "fairs" are finished for the year, one of the most interesting group presentations from the Colleges That Change Lives (CTCL) organization will take place in two area locations this weekend:

Each program begins with a panel discussion on college search activities and concludes with a college fair during which you may meet with admissions representatives from each of the CTCL colleges and universities. I strongly encourage interested sophomores and juniors to attend one of these events. Other presentations in which you might be interested include:

Those of you who have used my strategy for showing early "demonstrated interest" may already know about these visits and/or may be aware of some additional presentations taking place in the area. Again, I encourage you to attend these gatherings as time allows.

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