Aug 13, 2010

UVa Class of 2014: Diverse and Academically Strong

Closing the books on the 2009-10 admissions cycle, the University of Virginia (UVa) Office of Admission announced an incoming class lauded as the “strongest and most diverse” yet.

“We’re seeing and enrolling more top students,” said Greg Roberts, UVa’s dean of admission. “And what’s more, those students are coming from many different backgrounds.”

Despite a national downward trend in the number of high school graduates, UVa received a record 22,516 applications and offered admission to 7,224 students or about 32% of total applicants. Last year, offers were made to 6,775 students or 31% of the students seeking admission. By move-in day on August 21st, UVa expects to welcome 3,246 students—55 percent of whom will be women.

And their academic credentials are impressive. For the first time, more than 90 percent of incoming UVa students were ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school graduating classes. They scored an average of 1,993 on the SAT (as compared to 1,984 last year), with the middle 50 percent ranging from 1,880 to 2,140 or ten points higher on either side from a year ago.

UVa also greatly increased minority enrollment. More than 980 students identified themselves as members of one or more minority groups as compared to 892 last year. The number of African American, Hispanic, and Native American students remained relatively stable, while the number of students from Asian backgrounds increased by about 25 percent to 546.

And thanks to Access UVa, the percent of students from low-income backgrounds significantly increased. This year saw an impressive 35 percent gain from 204 to 268.

“The economy continues to play a factor in families’ decision,” Roberts explained. “We’ve spent a considerable amount of time and effort reaching out to families in the rural and urban areas of the country.”

According to the UVa press release, the flow of students from Virginia’s Community College System remains strong. The University expects to enroll 560 transfer students, including 264 from Virginia’s 23 community colleges.

But UVa continues to tread close to the line in meeting a legislated balance between in-state and out-of-state students. Including transfers, the in-state portion of the entering class remains virtually the same as last year at 69 percent.

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