Jun 14, 2009

College Snuggies Are Coming!

I am about to give you an amazing heads-up: College Snuggies© launches on June 20th. Haven’t heard of Snuggies? Neither had I before I started reviewing college trends in my quest to find the perfect high school graduation present. Promoted as "The Blanket with Sleeves," Snuggies were the hottest fad since hula-hoops among undergraduates this year. Boosted by a singularly annoying internet ad and an equally annoying inappropriate YouTube parody (you’ll have to find it on your own), Snuggies took off in a fit of viral marketing that left competitors in the dust and spawned clones in fashion designs and kids’ sizes .

While I haven’t gotten over the the fact that my daughter wore pajamas to class during her undergraduate years, the image of Snuggie-clothed students in large lecture halls busily taking notes by virtue of Snuggie’s unique sleeve design REALLY cracks me up. In fact, the internet is plastered with pictures of students wearing their Snuggies in dorm rooms or roaming around campus like medieval monks.

And now, they can get their Snuggies with college logos—54 different designs. What will those savvy marketers think of next?

Snuggie does have some competitors which would make equally practical graduation presents. There is the Slanket or the much more costly and sophisticated Nuddle. Both of these products function exactly the same as the Snuggie and will keep your favorite undergraduate warm in a drafty dorm room.

While any of these altered blankets may be ordered over the internet, be aware that some involve fairly hefty handling and shipping charges. You might be able to avoid these expenses at local retailers. In fact, Snuggies have been spotted lingering on shelves at Walgreens as well as Bed, Bath, and Beyond. To get the official college logos, however, I suspect you’re initially going to have to order on line. Rumor has it that College Snuggies will eventually be available in campus stores. There's no word yet if they'll include the reading light, but considering the market, they probably should.

Beats a Cross Pen!

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